Kaila Dyche’s Senior Portraits

I feel like the title of this post makes it look like I am coming for the class of 2016 but I’m not haha. I’m just kind of in my feelings because my little sister is a senior. WHAT?! I am so proud of her. This little chick has faced so much adversity but she’s still standing tall and holding her own. I had the honor of taking her senior portraits. Portraits are my favorite type of photography simply because I love capturing people’s personalities in photos. I always base photos around people and who they are.

Taking these photos was a little bit of a mission. We couldn’t find the spot we were looking for so we were driving around losing sunlight during golden hour. If you ever want to give a photographer anxiety that’s the way to do it! We ended up settling on this hidden spot on the side of the road on gopher canyon. Looking back, that probably wasn’t the safest idea since gopher canyon is a crazy windy road occupied by crazy drivers but you gotta do what you gotta do for the shot ok?! The photos came out pretty good so it was worth it.

Once again, I am so proud of my sister. I just want her to have the coolest senior year possible, starting with her photos. I had to make sure that her photos were cooler than everyone else’s sorry not sorry. Y’all know I’m a savage. Anyway, here’s to you Kaila. I love you so much and can’t wait to see all of the things that you’re going to accomplish. Here are 5 things that I love about my sister:

1.  She is incredibly blunt, she always says whats on her mind (even if it hurts other people’s feelings)

2. She is the most selfless person I know. She will always put others before herself.

3. She inherited all the street smarts, there’s nothing that she can’t figure out or fix.

4. She’s unapologetic about being who she is.

5. She’s a ride or die by nature. You can always count on her to be there and ride with you till the end.