Ok, I know that I say that I love every form of macro photography but I really love capturing water droplets with macro photography. It’s hard work because you have to use your water dropper like 10 times on the same spot just to get it to stick. It’s quite the process but it’s so cool to be able to get things like reflections in your water droplets. I think they’re the coolest thing but that’s just my opinion.

The process is a little different with water droplets because you literally have to drop water in the same spot a million times and hope it sticks long enough for you to get a good shot. Like I said, it’s a process. I kept my camera settings pretty consistent for all of my macro shots because it’s the same concept. ISO 800 f/11 shutter speed 1/125. I did turn down my ISO a little bit on the truck picture because it was taken outside and there was an abundant amount of natural light. I don’t like doing a lot of editing in posts on macro shots because I feel like they’re vibrant enough but I did use the super sharpening tool on the water reflection photo because I wanted the water droplets to be the mean focus of the picture.

Interested in taking a macro photo of your own? Take a look at this tutoriall: