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Back lit and Front Lit Exposure

To be quite honest I don’t think that I knew what a speed light was until I took this class this semester. These things are seriously so cool and literally have never ending capabilities. They do amazing things to your photos and the best part is that they’re absolutely affordable. Using back lit and front lit exposure is probably my favorite thing that I have learned how to do with a speed light. I feel like they work really well on men because it highlights all of their masculine features. I’m also really into edgy photos that convey a feeling so this method is able to do that for me.

For the top picture, I placed the speed lights behind John. The point is to illuminate the back of him with the speed light. That’s why you can see everything but his face. As for the second picture, the speed lights were set up in front of him as you can see in the set up picture. By doing this, his face is lit up but the background is black. My camera settings were pretty basic for these pictures. I had a low ISO of 100 so nothing would get blown out from the speed light. I also had an f stop of 10 and shutter speed of 1/200. This was a fun method of photography to learn and I will definitely be using this method more often.

I found this awesome article about using back lit exposure but with the sun that was extremely interesting. It’s worth checking out!