Einstein Strobe

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Continuous Light

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Lighting Is Everything

Can I just say that lighting is everything. Good lighting and editing do crazy things to your photos. I mean that in a good way. I’ve never used an Einstein strobe or continuous light before but all I can say is that I’m in love and want one of my own. Both of these types of lighting methods are really flattering on people and seem to highlight all the right features. They also add a professional, studio-like feel to your photos. The photos of Emily and Zoe were literally taken in front of a projector with an Einstein strobe light but it looks like they were taken in a studio.

For the pictures of Emily, Zoe, Brittany and Yordan I used an Einstein strobe for the lighting. I think that I was able to get some nice split lighting of Brittany and Yordan since their pictures were taken outside. As for edits, I used Lightroom to soften their skin, enhance their irises, and whiten their teeth. When it comes to people you have to spend a little bit more time editing. As for the photos of the other Brittany and Namuun, I used a continuous light on them. I literally love how flattering the continuous light is on them. As for edits, I used Lightroom to soften their skin and what not but I played with Namuun’s makeup a little bit. On one photo I brightened her lips since she’s wearing that pretty red lipstick and I used the burn tool on her eyebrows to give them a little more definition.

Check out this awesome article that explains the difference between continuous and strobe lighting: http://www.adorama.com/alc/0014353/article/Battle-of-the-Lights-Strobes-vs-Continuous-Lighting