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Portraits Using Natural Light

I did this portrait session of Joseph and Mariah while I was on my excursion in Victor, Idaho. It was really cool for me to learn more about portraits. Portraiture is my favorite type of photography. I like making others feel good about themselves with my camera. I personally believe that when people see a good photo of themselves it does wonders for their self-esteems. I struggle a lot with posing men so it was cool to have an instructor there helping me pose Joseph.

I remember learning about spot metering on the excursion and being super obsessed with the concept so my camera settings are all over the place. For the photo of Joseph, my camera settings were at about ISO 100, f 5.6 (so I could blur out the background), then a shutter speed of 1/320. It was a bit difficult to get good pictures without them getting blown out since it was so bright outside and light reflects off of the snow. I did my best to make it work though. Check out this about how to retouch photos that are shot in natural light.