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It’s a Forever Thing

Ok this was probably one of my favorite shoots that I’ve ever done. I loved taking engagements for my 2 best friends. I love them so much and the fact that they love each other makes my heart burst. I took these engagements of Paige and Spencer today at the Nature Park in Rexburg, Idaho. We met on Thursday and went over our ideas for the shoot. They’re really flexible so they left the posing up to me. I had a pinterest board ready for inspiration and even added a few photos after we met.

We had our shoot at 6:30 pm because the sun was scheduled to set at 7:48 pm. I don’t like shooting too close to sunset because then you have to fight for light when the sun starts setting. I would say that things went relatively well. They have awesome chemistry and they’re my friends so they got comfortable with the camera quickly. Things differed from my plan a little bit just because some of the poses I planned didn’t work with them, we tried but it wasn’t working out.

After the shoot, I edited their photos in Lightroom. I added a lot of temperature on these photos because it gave it that classic engagement glow if that makes sense. I made sure to shoot into the sun when I took their photos so I could do this in post. I’m really happy that I was able to do my first engagement shoot on my best friends.