Finding the Extraordinary in ordinary.

This assignment was definitely a fun one to do for sure. The task was to find the extraordinary in ordinary. Although it doesn’t sound like a hard thing to do, it took a lot of creativity because it’s really easy to miss the beauty in the ordinary. The idea stems from Robert Venezuela who does an amazing job of taking photographs that truly capture the extraordinary in any situation. Definitely check out his work if you want to be blown away. I sure was. All you have to do is press the link 🙂 Anyway, it took a few times to really capture the right pictures but I think that I was able to capture a few good ones.

I really wanted to take advantage of the beautiful winter that Idaho is having so I really tried to focus on icicles and snow. I think that the snow is such an ordinary thing with such an ordinary impact. I was literally the crazy person that climbed on top of that pile of snow to get a good shot but you have to do what you have to do. I had my camera settings at about 1/125 with an f stop of 4.5 for the icicle picture. Since I was able to capture a picture outside I really wanted to do one inside. I live at a place that has a lot of cool interior so I really wanted to utilize that. I took pictures of every cool thing I could find but nothing was really sticking. I knew that I wanted a lifestyle type of picture so I finally had the inspiration to work with this mini shopping cart that I have in my room. I tried shooting the shopping cart with nothing in it but it just seemed off. Once I got the idea to put a lemon and some oranges in it I was able to really get going. I really felt like the lemon and orange made the pillows on my couch look good. I used a lot of natural light for this picture since my living room is a bit dark. I had my camera settings at 1/2”3 and an f stop of 4.5 so I could blur out the pillows. Somehow I was able to make my ordinary couch a little more extraordinary which was pretty cool.