Wango Tango 2016

Ok people, let’s talk Wango Tango 2016! I’m going to be upfront and honest and say that I almost traded this show to see Beyonce but can you blame me? I was blinded by the masterpiece that is Lemonade but it all honesty tickets to Wango Tango were cheaper. Just keeping it 100. I’m glad that I went though because I went last year and you really can’t go wrong with this concert.

To be honest, I’m not really into festivals like everyone else my age. I like seeing various artists at once but I’m just not into EDM like that. I would rather go to a hip hop festival but those types of things don’t really happen in my area. I like Wango Tango because it’s a show for all ages and all walks of life. Another thing that I like about Wango Tango is that it’s a fan girl concert. I mean what do you think you’re going to attract when you have people like Zayn Malik, Ariana Grande, and Fifth Harmony on the lineup and Justin Bieber last year. You’re just asking for screaming girls. I may be hard on the outside but I promise you that I am one of those screaming girls and there is no shame in my game.

I could just say that the concert was everything and end the blog post there but I want to take you along for the ride. So buckle up and get ready because we are about to relive Wango Tango together.

So I got there at about 4 o’clock thinking that the show started at 3:30 pm but it actually started at 5 pm. I was kind of annoyed because I don’t like being early to things I like getting there right when the action starts and I had to conserve my phone battery so I was basically dying for an hour. My life is so hard, I know. Anyway, I waited for the show to start for an hour and when it did I WAS READY. I was there to see Zayn Malik and Ariana Grande and no one was going to stop me. Little history on me, I used to be a One Direction stan and never had the chance to see them live in concert so the fact that I was going to be breathing the same air as Zayn Malik was damn near putting me in cardiac arrest. Also, I’ve met Ariana Grande twice but I’ve never seen her perform live so this was important. I’m crazy when it comes to my faves. I don’t think you guys understand.

The first person up was Demi Lovato, I’m not a crazy fan of hers but I will say that she has a powerful voice and it was fun seeing her perform hits like “Stone Cold” and “Cool for the Summer” 14 year-old me was low key expecting her to perform “Skyscraper” but I know that was asking for a lot. Next up was Alessia Cara and I was surprised because I didn’t know that she was on the lineup. I like her I think that she has a beautiful voice and I like what she stands for which is girl power and being unapologetic about who you are.

Next up was Mike Posner and I literally felt like I traveled back in time when he opened with “Please Don’t Go.” I will say that he is definitely an entertainer, he was getting the crowd hype. Of course he performed “I took a Pill In Ibiza” but an acoustic version so that was cool. From where I was sitting I was able to see which artists were coming up next so I could see that DNCE were about to hit the stage. Not really a huge fan of DNCE but I mean Joe Jonas is my childhood. I think that the Jonas Brothers were the first band that I stanned. Best believe that the walls of my bedroom were COVERED in Jonas Brothers posters when I was in middle school. As I write this post I’m realizing that I was in my feelings this whole concert lol. Anyway, I was thoroughly entertained by DNCE they are definitely performers. During “Cake By the Ocean” Joe effing ran off stage and around the stage all the way to the very back of the stadium all while still singing. First off, I was crazy impressed by his stamina and second of all, I loved that he would want to connect with his fans like that. Hella respect for him.

The next person to perform was Iggy Azalea and I was really surprised that the crowd was going crazy for her. She receives a lot of hate online so it was cool to see the crowd welcome her. She performed “Work” “Fancy” and “Team” I was getting it to “Work” because you can’t deny that that was a bop in 2014. Not gonna lie though I couldn’t really understand what she was saying.

After Iggy, it was time for my baby daddy Zayn Malik to perform. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I’m a huge fan of his not just because he was once a part of One Direction but because I respect him as an artist. I think that it was incredibly courageous for him to leave a situation that he wasn’t happy in. I love his new album, I listen to it on repeat. Anyway, let’s just say that I was not ok during his set. The girls sitting next to me were fans of his so we were going crazy. However, I have a bone to pick with Zayn. He only performed 3 songs. He didn’t even perform “Pillow Talk.” I know how he is so I didn’t really expect him to be talking to the crowd as much and getting them hype but 3 songs? Really Zayn Jawaad Malik? I forgive him though but I needed to see “Pillow Talk” live.

It took me a minute to recover from being in the same room as Zayn but when I came back to life Kygo was performing. I like him one because he’s hot but also because he’s all vibes. Next was Meghan Trainor and I already know that she’s a killer performer because of last year’s Wango Tango. I think that she’s so cute and it will always be support on my end for her. Believe that I was singing along to “Lips Are Movin.” Mostly because that song reminds me of one of my best friends, Paige.

I’m going to dedicate this next paragraph to this one performer named GWEN STEFANI because she literally stole the show like at the point it was no longer Wango Tango it was “Gwen Stefani: The I Never Left Tour.” Trust me I was just as surprised as you are, I was not expecting this from Gwen especially since she’s been out of the game for a little while. Gwen took me so far back into my childhood and I was not ready for that. She performed “Rich Girl” “Whatcha Waiting For “Sweet Escape” and some others that I forgot, sorry Gwen. Like I said this was her show, the crowd went crazy for her. She is a true performer she literally had the crowd so hype. I wish you could have seen how fast people got up when she starting singing “Holla Back Girl” the B-A-N-A-N-A-S was crazy. Don’t sleep on Gwen because she still got it.

After Gwen was Fifth Harmony and you know me and every other fan girl in the building were screaming for them. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen 5H perform live but I am blown away every time. They have crazy energy and connect with the audience every time. If you were watching my snapchat story you might have heard me belting “Boss” “Sledge Hammer” “Worth It” and “Work From Home” with them. Sorry not sorry. I know I’m getting a little old for this but once a fan girl always a fan girl ok. I will never not be a Fifth Harmony fan.

I was actually pretty excited to see the Chainsmokers perform live because “Roses” is everything to me. I don’t even know how I had the emotional capacity to see so many of my faves at once but I was taking it all in. They brought out Daya for “Don’t Let Me Down” and honestly it was a beautiful thing to witness. Vibes, man.

The last person to perform was the one and only Ariana Grande. I think that her vocals casted a spell on me because I don’t remember much from her show all I know is that I was focused. You know I went crazy during “Break Free” “Love Me Harder” and “Dangerous Woman.”    I thought that she would bring out Iggy during “Problem” but maybe they’re not cool like that idk. Either way I was happy to reach my goal of seeing Ariana live in concert. I was low key having an anxiety attack because my phone was on 2% during her set and I wasn’t able to get a good photo of her. Like I said, my life is so hard, I know.

Well, that was my 2016 Wango Tango experience. I hope that you had fun enjoying the concert with me. If you were watching my Snapchat story you probably think that I’m a crazy psycho but I feel like you should know that about me by now. It was definitely worth missing Beyonce for. No shade at Bey tho, that just means that I have to work hard at seeing her at the Dodger’s Stadium in September. 😉