Pitch Perfect Movie Cast or BYUI Students? I Can’t Tell.

Ok y’all, I know what you’re thinking and oh yes I did. I definitely turned my friends and I into a Pitch Perfect movie poster. To be completely honest this did not feel like a homework assignment in any way because of how much fun I had creating it. I mean who doesn’t love Pitch Perfect? I had to. I had all the right friends to fit the parts so I had no choice, it needed to be done. I just knew that this was the movie poster that I wanted to recreate. I’m not kidding when I say that I had a blast creating this movie poster. I made sure to play the Pitch Perfect movie soundtrack during the photo shoot and just enjoyed myself through the whole process.

Lets talk about the process. We might have been Pitch Perfect but taking the actual picture was a little difficult for me because I always struggle with my camera settings. I had my ISO at 100, f stop at 4.5, and aperture at 1/8 for one picture but that wasn’t working out for me so I changed the camera settings to ISO: 100, f stop 4/5, aperture 1/10, and put the timer on for 10 seconds. As for the design process, it was fairly easy and enjoyable to say the least. I would have to say that the original creator of this movie poster really influenced me. I really like how he or she placed everyone on the poster and how the typography was used. I used a plastered background that was originally blue. Here’s the link to that picture since it isn’t mine Anyway, I cropped everyone out of the picture I took for this movie poster then placed them on the color texture. Since the texture was originally blue, I changed the colors in Photoshop. I also added a glow on the “Pitch Perfect” text so it could be more transparent instead of straight block text. I have awesome classmates who helped critique my movie poster and helped me add a few things like a gradient and a filter. Brittany, Emily, Sarah, and Yordan all helped me out. Overall, I had a really awesome time creating this Pitch Perfect movie poster. Everyone kept asking me if the people in my poster are my roommates but nope I’m just lucky enough to have this many friends.

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