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Outdoor Photography




My First Attempt at Indoor and Outdoor Photography

The thing that I love about this class the most is that we learn all types of photography that make us better and more marketable photographers. I’ve learned so many different things in this class that I know will benefit me as a photographer but as an employee. I have this very narrow way of thinking when it comes to photography. In my mind, I tell myself that I would never be a product or landscape photographer because I don’t know how to and it’s “not my style.” I know it’s a weird way to think but as I learn new things like product photography, I’ve come to realize that I can do and enjoy all types of photography.

The process for these photos was actually a lot of fun. When it comes to product photography, styling is everything. I had the most fun with the One Direction photo mostly because I used to be the biggest One Direction fan known to man but I got to use a cool little box set up with an LED light. I was so amazed at the quality photos that I was able to achieve with that white box and LED light. I had a little bit of trouble when it came to the outside product photography because I couldn’t how to figure out a natural looking scenario with the snow so I just did my best to make it work. For the whipped cream picture I had the idea of an instragrammable picture so I placed the mug and whipped cream in the snow and snapped the picture.

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