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Ok not gonna lie, food photography is fun. Not only is food fun to take pictures of food but it is also extremely easy to edit. I liked learning about food photography because just like product photography, its all about styling. I used a variety of natural light and an LED light which created that moody effect on the strawberries photo. Although this was my first time doing food photography, I definitely want to get better at photographing food.

I’m going to emphasize the process of the strawberries photo because that one is my favorite photo. So, I placed the strawberries on that wooden plate and put some strawberries in a mug then placed them on the ground. I had my ISO at 100, f/stop 3.5, and shutter speed of 1/125. I placed the LED light on the right side of the strawberries but facing down. Then I took the picture, that’s how I was able to get that moody effect.

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