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Fine Art Print – The Process

Over time, I have really come to love fine art. When I first started doing photography, I claimed that it wasn’t my style and that I wasn’t into it. I love taking pictures and having the thought in mind that I need to take pictures that will be good enough to print. While its a bit of a process to print photos, the result is so rewarding. Its really cool to see your images on something other than your view finder and the computer.

I will be printing and mounting this photo at Quick Ship N Copy on Monday but I’ll explain the editing process. I got really lucky in this photo because there’s a lot of color and a good shallow depth of field. That made it really easy for me when I went into Photoshop. I just used the smart sharpen tool then put a mask on the layer to sharpen the 5 water droplets. Then I played with the brightness and vibrance but I didn’t need to do too much since it has a lot of color like I said. Now all I have to do is take it over to Quick Ship N Copy and get this fine art photo printed.

Here are 8 tips for printing: