Creative Resume Handout

Ok let’s address the last photo. A “T”, LA sign, and dream catcher…how does that even make sense? I’ll explain how. Well, I put the “T” along with my resume because my name starts with “T” and I want to travel the world. The LA sign represents the city that I love the most. I want everything in life that has to do with LA. I’m not going to lie the last one is cheesy but it serves a purpose. The dream catcher represents the fact that I am a dreamer.

I chose this creative resume handout because I feel that it represents my minimalist style. I like lifestyle photography so I feel that this last project truly represents my style. I like creating feelings in photos with simplistic elements. I like to think of photos as moments, and I want to capture all of the best ones.

I would have to say that this project represents me as a photographer because it’s minimal, modern, and relevant. Besides photography, minimalism is also my style of design. I am definitely a stronger photographer than I am a designer but either way minimalism reflects in my work. I try to create the type of art that catches my eye on tumblr and instagram (my 2 favorite social media platforms). I try not to copy other people’s art and embody my own style though. I am also respired by culture and music they move me to create art.

If there is anything that this class has taught me, it’s that I am tougher and more talented than I think I am. I have learned a whole lot in this class and honestly I’m going to apply it to my “T”, “LA” sign, and dream catcher. I’m going to let photography define me and be an element that comes along with Thalia. I’m going to take my photography and let it consume me in LA and lastly, I’m gonna let it be something that I dream about.


I created this creative resume handout in InDesign. Not a lot of people like that program but I personally love it. I think that it’s super user friendly for projects like this and easy to navigate.  I basically just placed all of the images on a file. It was nice to have a lot of photos from the semester that I was able to use.

My original intention was to create a booklet but somewhere along the line I used the wrong dimensions so when I went to print, it printed huge. I didn’t have any trouble printing my resume or business cards, just the booklet. It was definitely a bummer but I just had to be creative and make it work.

My inspiration definitely came from this pinterest board. I actually use pinterest every time I need to design something or to prepare for photo shoots. I like to think of it as a creative brainstorming place. I don’t even know if that makes sense but it works for me.