Flora and Fauna Macro Photography




Macro…definitely an interesting method of photography. It takes a lot of patience because you have to zoom in and out to get one thing in focus all while moving your body back and forth to get the perfect shot. Although it’s a bit of a tedious process, the result is so worth it. Macro photography is absolutely beautiful and very  visually pleasing. I took these photos in the dead of winter during my photo excursion to Victor, Idaho but I love that you can’t tell that these are winter shots.

Alright, let’s talk about the process. When it comes to macro you need A LOT of light. I learned this during my first photography class when I was wondering why my macro photos were coming out dark even though I had sufficient light. Anyway, like I said light is key so I had an LED light on the majority of these objects besides the fly picture because that had plenty of natural light. I had my camera settings at ISO 800, f/11, and a 1/125 shutter speed. If you want good macro photos you’ve gotta follow the formula. I will say that flora and fauna are my favorite things to get macro photos of. I don’t know what it is but flowers and plants work really well for macro photography.

Check out this amazing flora and fauna macro photography by a student named AJ Baruca who took this class before me.  AJ Baruca’s Website