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Snoots and Speed Lights

Once again, I have nothing but good things to say about speed lights. I took all three of these photos with a speed light while I was on my excursion. I really like how the speed light creates a triangle of light on the main subject. I usually try to stay far away from shadows because I feel that they’re distracting but I really like how the shadows came out in this set of pictures. My favorite photo is probably the one with the Fanta bottle because it mixes this method with a little bit of product photography to create a moody effect.

Unlike my Back lit and Front Lit Exposure post, there are a few things behind the camera that you don’t see. I used a speed light to create these effects but I also put a snoot on it. Depending on how the light was hitting the subject, I either opened or closed the snoot on the speed light. I got really close to the subject and took the picture with one hand and held the speed light in another hand to create a triangle formation. My camera settings were ISO 100, f10, and a shutter speed of 1/200.

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