My name is Thalia Dyche and I love what I do. I love photography, graphic design, and social media. I guess you can say that media is kinda my thing. I love everything that has to do with being creative.

I also love fashion, makeup, and culture. I live in Los Angeles so a lot of my creativity comes from there. You can be anyone that you want to be when you’re in LA and honestly that’s what drives my art. I am all about being exactly who you want to be so that’s what inspires me.

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  • HBD mom
    5 days ago by tuhleequh HBD mom
  • felt cute today
    2 weeks ago by tuhleequh felt cute today
  • its been a good weekend for music and I amhellip
    4 days ago by tuhleequh it's been a good weekend for music and I am sooo here for it my thoughts on these albums are now up on my blog! how are you guys feeling about these projects? link in bio
  • so uh I made a hip hop blog and itshellip
    1 week ago by tuhleequh so uh I made a hip hop blog and it's live!! i've been quietly working on this for a while and I'm so excited to share it with the world. I got kind of tired of talking to myself on twitter about music lol and posting my concert pics here on IG then being done with them so I wanted to make something cool out of my love for hip hop, music, concerts, & photography so this is it. this is truly for tha culture and I hope you enjoy it. I have some content up so take a look…
  • issa lazy friday
    2 weeks ago by tuhleequh issa lazy friday

This is Thalia Dyche!

This is Thalia Dyche!

Thalia is a photographer from Los Angeles going to school in Rexburg, Idaho. She loves music, design, photography, and fashion. She is driven by passion and enjoys challenging herself and reaching new heights.