Portraits Con Mi Flor Favorita

Do you like how I tied in my Spanglish there? If you know me, you know that Selena and photography are my thing so I’m pretty happy right now. Not even gonna lie the real star here is Flor because she came up with the title for this session. I just ran with it if we’re being honest. Ok friends, who’s excited right now? It’s been so long since I’ve posted portraits but I literally couldn’t wait any longer and now that I have a camera I have no excuse.

So I actually took these photos a few weeks back in Vista but I finally got the time to edit these photos. Can we talk about how beautiful Flor looks? I am dying. She likes to say that it’s my photography skills but I’m just like nah girl that’s all you. So these photos were taken at Guajome Park. I wanted to do a nature-y type shoot because I think that portraits look the best with natural backgrounds but that’s just my personal opinion. Also, I had to work with what I have because it’s Vista and there’s only so many trees that you can work with in a beach town.

I used my new Nikon D5300 with a 18-55mm lens to take these photos. Usually ,I would use a wide angle lens for portraits but I just got my camera so I’m still building my collection of lenses and equipment. At this point I just want to be getting photos out so my kit lens will have to do. As for camera settings I had my f/stop and shutter speed at f/3.5 & 1/125 . I like having a really low aperture when it comes to portraits so I can really blur out the background but these settings worked for this situation. If you want to take some portraits of your own, this¬†article is super helpful. It gives you some tips on how to take portraits.

I had a lot of fun with Flor during this shoot. I love capturing people’s personalities and making them feel like a million bucks with my camera so it’s even more special when I get to take photos of my close friends. Does photography count as a love language because that’s how I like to show my love. Writing this post and editing these photos has reminded me of how much I love doing this. It brings me so much joy. That’s how you know that you really love something.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog! I’ll be back next week with some cool content so make sure to watch out for that. I have a lot of cool things planned for this week so I might put out another one before next week but we’ll see. Before I leave I want to let you guys know that if you ever want me to take photos of you let me know. Photography is my passion so I’m always down. Just let me know.

All the love,


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